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Steam Generators / Cooling Water Systems

Potable Water Systems / Heating Systems

District Heating Systems

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How we work

Economic Solutions 

Comprehensive plant analysis and treatment control


Customized and resources-saving solutions and chemical feeding concepts


Reliable, low-maintenance systems - sustainable and environmentally friendly

Customer Care

On-site water analyses up to online cleaning of steam generators and cooling circuits

Fields of Application

Innovative Solutions



Portable Water Systems

Highly effective products for soft to hard water - economical by maintaining the domestic installation.



Cleaning of heat exchangers, pipes, cooling towers, boiler plants and filters. Cleaning possible during operation!


Cooling Systems

  • For all open and closed and cooling and process water systems

  • Combined treatment programs to prevent hardness precipitation, corrosion, deposits and microbiological growth.


Heating Systems

Efficient products for corrosion protection of all common installation materials, also for copper and aluminium. (TÜV tested)


Boiler Plants

Processes for the protection of boilers, steam and condensate systems. 


Waste-Water Systems

Wide range of highly effective, specific products.

On us

Sustainable Solutions

We are a nationally and internationally active system and application consultant in the field of water treatment. Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of treatment processes for water-conveying processes in industrial plants. ​

We place special emphasis on reliable, low-maintenance systems with high economic efficiency, as well as on sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. In our service we combine a high technical standard with most careful processing. 

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