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Sustainable solutions

Powerful and environmentally friendly products

Our Products

Tailor-made and resource-saving

We see it as a daily challenge and responsibility in close cooperation

to develop tailor-made and resource-saving solutions with our customers.

We work with high-performance and environmentally friendly products,

which have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications worldwide.


Steam boiler

  • Film-forming amines

  • Alkalizing amines

  • Oxygen binder

  • Anti-scale agents

  • Online cleaning

  • Preservation

  • Boil the kettle


District heating and Heating systems

  • Film-forming amines

  • Hardness stabilizers

  • Dispersants

  • Oxygen binder


cooling water

  • Inhibitors with u. without film-forming amines

  • Hardness stabilizers

  • Biocides

  • Online cleaning


Drinking water

  • Corrosion protection


Water treatment

  • Water softening systems

  • Osmosis systems

  • EDI systems

  • VE water systems

  • Ozone systems

  • UV lamps


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